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Two ferries (veerkagen) leaving the Harbour of Hoorn,
C. 1625
Panel: 27.6 × 44.5 cm
Hoogendijk collection Dutch private collection
From left to right: The windmills on Westerdijk, the Noorderkerk (the North Church), the Waag (the Weigh-house), the wooden Clocktower of the St.Jansgasthuis (no longer in existence), the Grote Kerk (the Big Church), the Hoofdtoren (the Main Tower) at the harbour entrance (small tower added in 1653), the Oosterkerk (the East Church) and far to the right the premises of the West-Indische Compagnie (West India Company). During the second half of the seventeenth century a row of houses was constructed on a new silt deposit on the shore.

From left to right:
1 An armed 'Hoorn' merchantman with three masts lying at anchor (due to the armament this vessel was suited to voyages to the Mediterranean and to the East Indies). Type: Pinas c. 1600. Seen to be presenting the Dutch flag and on the main mast the flag of the town of Hoorn.
2 A two-masted yacht.
3 A ferry of the 'Kaag' type. Plying between Hoorn and Amsterdam. The 'Kaag' served both as merchantman and as ferry. The 'Kaag' has a 45° bow-line.
4 In the background a merchantman preparing to weigh anchor.
5 Alongside another ferry carrying the Dutch Lion, the officially recognis- ed State flag of the Republic at the mast-head, and the Dutch national flag at the stern.